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Please read this article before you start working with us . This will help you write to work better.

हमारे साथ काम शुरू करने से पहले कृपया इस लेख को पढ़ लें. इससे आपको हमारे साथ काम करने में मदद मिलेगी।

Types Of Work For You

Content/Article Writer

Means you write/create content for our following websites

Requirements Before Writing Post/content for our site

  • Need Good English
  • Need Good Knowledge of English grammer
  • You need to find content/topic self
  • Minimum 550 words per post/article


Simply,You need to find unlimitedtricks of apps but you need follow the below rules

  • App Must be support instant payment if the app is genuine or giving payment within 2-3hours apps will be selected
  • Content/Trick May not be copied/scrapped from any other website or any YouTube chanel
  • You need to find tricks same as Online Hero YouTube Channel Provides

Mod Apk Creator/MODDER

if you are a creator of mod APK or modder you can send your mod to our following mail address or contact us on telegram


Telegram- Click Here

Rewards For Your Work

Content Creator for our website:- As you know your content is very short term content so we provide you flat 20rs per article for 550 words your price or your reward may be increase after we see your work

Content Creator/ Trick Finder For our YouTube channel:- we provide you good percentage from or profit through your trick


currently we do not provide any reward for Modder but if you write article with your mod for example you define features of your mod etc. We provide you 20 rs per post your price will be increased after we see your work

How to send Your Work to us?

You can send your work by following methods


Telegram:- Click Here or Contact @ohtricksbot

Terms& Condition

please note we only provide your reward after we hire you can send example of your work we did not provide you any reward for your example work but after we hire you we provide rewards for your work.

Special note: When you send your work to Online Hero or us, then you hand over all the rights, including copyright, to the Online Hero Team or our following sites,,,all the articles published on Our sites are owned by the owner of Online Hero YouTube Channel. These articles in any form, with any change, in any way, on any other site, in an app, in an e-book, or in a printed book, page or any movie, movie, Advertisements may not be republished or broadcast without permission from the owner of the Online Hero YouTube Channel in the documentary. If found to be published or used in any form without permission, appropriate action such as DMCA, web host, will be reported to the registrar.