Web Hosting and domain for Beginners

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What is WebHosting,Types and How to select Best Hosting?

As we learned earlier, to run a blog on WordPress you have to buy hosting which will need to invest money, but do you know what is web hosting?

Your blog will have several files, content, database and many technical data which needs to store somewhere on the internet, so everyone can access your website post or pages.

This container of your website data is known as web hosting and because of web hosting, WordPress sites are known as a self-hosted blog.

This means you are responsible for the security and performance of the website by having your hosting.

Google recent update of Jan 2018, they publicly announced that website loading speed will be the key criterion in ranking pages or websites.

If your website loading speed is delayed by 1 second then you may lose 7% of probable traffic, yes it is true.

If you understood the importance of hosting then don’t worry I will give you all the details regarding web hosting which will fit Google’s need and of-course in your budget.

But at this moment just remember, you must be more focused around website loading speed.

Types of Web Hosting?

Web Hosting has been classified into different types based on provided features and website traffic handling capacity but listed below are the major types you will see by every hosting provider company.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is the most recommended hosting for every beginner website, where the number of websites will be hosted on a common server and sharing common resources.

It is the best fit if your website has close to 60K-90K visitors per month and we will discuss more on the best-shared hosting plan at affordable cost later in this guide.

Dedicated and VPS Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting offers a dedicated server and resources for your website, which will be assigned to your website only and you can control that in the way you want.

Similarly, VPS stands for virtual private server which will be a virtual copy of the dedicated server and will be used with the same objectives.

But both will be double the cost of the shared hosting plan and only recommended for those who are already running a blog that has more than 100k/month views.

WordPress Managed Web Hosting

WordPress managed hosting is introduced by all the hosting providers to help WordPress bloggers optimize their site in a perfect mood.

But the price will be higher as compared to shared hosting and you can achieve the same kind of performance by installing free plugins and I will introduce you the same in a later section of best plugins.

Cloud Web Hosting

Everyone is aware of cloud hosting where you can rent the resources as per your website traffic need and you will be charged accordingly with the use of resources.

You may think this could be better than a shared plan but the reality is its initial plan itself cost more than shared hosting.

Bonus Tip : My recommendation is to go with shared hosting, almost every beginner start with shared hosting which will cost you

not more than $10-20-30/year, are you ready to buy the best hosting service?

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