Top 5 ludo games for android and IOS.

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Hello everyone!

ludo is one of the perfect examples of fun and timepass games which allows you to play it with your friends, computer or any random person from all over the world. But if you are someone who hasn’t  played ludo yet, so let me tell you. Ludo is basically a strategical multiplayer game which can be played by 2 to 4 players at a time in which you have to roll a dice and move your tokens and save them from opponents, the main aim is to get all four of your tokens in home block .

I have shortlisted some of the ludo games which will help you in choosing the best game of your choice.

5. Ludo 3D multiplayer.

ludo 3d multiplayer comes on number 5 on our list. It is a game by “fungamesmobile.”  which has over 5 million downloads on google playstore and a download size of 70mb . If you want a great experience of playing ludo than this would be a perfect stop for you because of it’s 3d boards and characters instead of tokens, it appears fantastic and something lovely to play. This game game supports both offline and online mode and is available in both android and ios . One more feature which makes it unique is that you can play a combination of human and compuer according to the number of playes you have.

4. Ludo 2020.

This game is again a product of “fungamesmobile.” it has over 1 million downloads on play store and file size of 31 mb. It can run even in your tablets on full resolution and have 3 different levels of difficulty while playing with computer. You can set whatever language you are comfortable with, as it comes with 11 different language choices . The other common features are :- you can play it offline and online , you can play it with your friends, computer and any random players, you can make a private room as well in which you get a code for others to enter.

3. Ludo Championship.

ludo championship is made by “mobirix”  and you can download this game only for 13 mb and is downloaded by over 10 million people. what makes this game unique from the other four games on list is, that no active connection is required to play this game , so if you are someone who doesn’t have net in your phone than this game is made just for you. It provides 3 different boards and consists of 11 different languages and has it’s very own ”Battle mode” which will make this game even more interesting to play.

2. Ludo classic.

The developer of this game is “sudhakar kanakaraj” with very similar stats of it’s competitors this game also have over 10 million downloads and you can install it just for 13 mb. The reason this game is on 2nd number on the list is that it has a very powerfull AI which makes it nearly impossible to predict the next move. So if you are someone who thinks that the game you played was biased anyhow 🤷, you can go with this game and try your luck . the other common features are same.

1. Ludo King.

The first one the list is ludo king a game by “Gametion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”  no particular reason for it to be on number one, it is a completely idle choice. A whopping 100 million plus downloads on playstore shows the popularity of the game and it is just 44 megabytes you need to spend for this game. The class of the game is superb and what makes it sit on number one on the list is, players limit is extended upto 6 players, it has a auto-play mode which works for some time so that you can go for your urgent work in-between game, you can even connect it with your Facebook account and play with your facebook friends, it has over 7 different boards, can make a private room as well. And the best part is if you get bored from playing ludo you can switch to snake&ladders . The variety is vast.


Although these all are our top picks with different unique features which gives them all a ‘must-try’ status but if you want to download any one from all these , you can blindly go with LUDO KING(strongly recommended), it is above all in terms of variety, class, experience, popularity and fun.

Happy gaming… 😄

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