Social Networking 🛡️ Best Social Network Platforms

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  • Hi guys, today I am going to tell you about what is social networking, how to use it. Various types of social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter ,Facebook, WhatsApp etc. How to use them safely and how to to react when facing issues. Thus this article is a bundle of complete knowledge about social networking and all things related to it.

📱What Is Social Networking ??

Social Networking means it is a platform provided to its users so that users can share their relationship their emotions their talents etc by means of photos ,videos and many more. Social network is used for many purposes to stay connected, to gather information/knowledge, and to share feelings añd many more.there are thousands of social networking sites and application which provide platform for the various types of users. Today we will discuss about few of them in detail.

🛑How Can I Get These Social Networking Platforms / Apps

All types of social networking apps are easily found in Google Play Store, just go to Google Play Store now click on the search button and search the name of the platform you want to download for eg Facebook, you will get the app now installed in your device. Similarly you can download different apps like WhatsApp ,Instagram Snapchat,etc.

Top Social Networking Platforms

➡️ Facebook

it is a wonderful platform for sharing our feelings and emotion. It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg. It is one of the most successful applications, it is very secure app and doesn’t leak your data. It has more than hundred million users worldwide people from every country can use it easily.

➡️ Instagram

it is also an application which many users worldwide the most significant feature of Instagram is its new trends and uniqueness in the you can share your photos and videos by putting stories where your followers can see it , Instagram users has grown up very significantly in last few years.

➡️ WhatsApp

Each and every user now a days have a WhatsApp in their mobile. It is so widely used because of its security and features which I provided in the app. It is mostly used for texting and video calling. You can stay connected with others by this app yeah you can make groups and stay connected with them. Owner of WhatsApp is Facebook.

▶️ some other social networking platforms ◀️

There are many more social networking platform but these are the top social networking platform due to higher amount of users and also their safe and secure network. Some other social networking sites are Twitter ,Snapchat, Linkdln, YouTube,Tinder etc . These all apps are are design bi very big companies and have many live users. These are also safe and secure networks and provide various features of social networking.

🗣️Social Harrasment

Social harassment means bullying aur threatening anyone for individual cause. Spreading hate, or negative comments ,abusing all comes under social harassment. There are many social harassment cases in India where people can go for depression and also various mental problems can occur due to this.

👍How to face social harassment

Here are few steps which you can follow to prevent or tackle social harassment.

⭐Do not share your privacy or private things in any platform to gain followers or gain fame.

⭐ Always discuss with your elders and your parents if anyone gives you threat or blackmails you.

⭐ Never share your ID and password with anyone or they can access your account.


social networking sites provide us platform to share emotions, feelings talents, photos ,videos and many more with others. It is our responsibility to be concerned about it. You should have the knowledge what we are doing what we are sharing what we upload and what we do. Always share any problem with your elders so that they can tell us the right is also good source of entertainment but should not be taken too high as it can be addictive in nature.the above mentioned social networking sites are very safe and secure they provide best experience of social networking as they are very multinational companies and do not leak our data anyway.Strongly recommend you to use these platforms for social networking and various activities.


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