Introduction to Blogging chapter-1 Techssing

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Hi, friend, are you in search of how to start a blog?
If yes, then your search comes to an ultimate end.

I bet you to succeed in this blogging journey as i lay down a blueprint
to start your first blog.

Have you ever thought, why do people plan to start a blog even in
2020 and may be you are thinking same to start a new blog.

From my point of view, you may have seen a blog that making a
million-dollar income from an ordinary blog.

But the reality is, that blog is not an ordinary blog but would be an
extraordinary blog.

This master guide will give you a complete idea of how to start a
blog start from basic to advance steps. Which Include

● What is a blog and why you should start a blog?
● The exact way to find the perfect niche for blog and overview?
● Proper keyword research strategy and crack the code of SEO?
● Selection of best hosting and domain name?
● What is SEO and how to write SEO Friendly posts?

● How to promote blog posts and get organic traffic?

● How to turn $50 into $1000 by monetizing your blog?

● Secrets to grow your master blog with some advance tips and more.

If you are excited then here we have some of the most successful money making blogs.

They have nailed the blogging industry and making six-figure income every month. John Lee Dumas running a blog Entrepreneurs On Fire for more than 5 years.

He interviews all the big Entrepreneurs on his podcast and shares the smart strategy to fire up your business.

He made more than $2,10,291 in December 2017. Check Entrepreneurs On Fire Income Report Pet Flynn running a blog Smart Passive Income for more than 8 years.

His blog is all about sharing the smart strategy on how to make passive income using various sources.

He made more than $1,67,553 in December 2017. Check Smart Passive Income Income Report

Harsh Agarwal the founder of Shoutmeloud for more than 10 years.
His blog is all about sharing the information related to blogging and
all-around money making tips.
He made more than $40,000 in February 2018.

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Have you noticed one thing which is common in all of them? is the time or years they put into learning blogging and mastering the skills of SEO.

If you are excited then here I will get you through every single step to start a money making million dollars blog.

When I started my blogging, I have seen more than 700+ youtube videos and read more than 300+ different blogs.

But for you, this single blog will be the common window to get everything what a blogger needs.

It is very crucial to clear fundamentals of blogging before deep diving or scaling your blog.

Hence, I decided to lay down a complete guide to a total of 7 Dayseries of fundamentals,
Which cover every single topic that you must know as a beginner to expert your blogging skills.

Remember more than 91% of published blogs never getting organictraffic.

But, I believe if you understood the concept then you will be out of 91% Blogger, who are not getting single traffic on this website.

Let’s first start with the basics on what is a Blog?

What is a Blog and Why You should start a blog?

Let me first clarify your doubts on differences between blog and
website. Consider website as a static or dynamic web pages, where you will see
few timely changes and it is mainly created to represent any business
products or services.

But a blog is created to provide detailed information about a particular topic and you will experience timely changes on blog either on a daily,weekly or monthly basis.

Blog has a chronological order of the blog posts, where most recently published posts will appear on the top.

Besides,do remember blog can be a part of website, where website can provide the details of its product or services by publishing blog post but a blog can not be a website.

And if you are willing to start a blog, then that process of learning or implementing techniques is known as blogging.

In general, Blogging is a way to build your blog and start sharing your learning and experiences about a particular subject.

Which means, you are making reader friendly content for the worldwide audience and in return you will have chance to get monetize your blog.

Are you excited to know how to monetize?

Yes, blog can make you million dollar income like others and will
discuss the same in this blog.

3 Reasons why you should start a blog?

If you got an idea about the basics of blogging then let me get you a
few reasons why you should start a blog in 2020?

Brand Identity – Having a blog means you have a chance to
get identify yourself on the various online platform either through writing or promoting a particular product.

Passive Income – As a blog owner, you can make passive income by converting website traffic into the customers by
selling affiliate products or showing advertisement.

Expertise in Subject : You won’t believe but these days there is a huge demand for people, who can advise others on one particular subject, if you have a blog around that topic then you can sell your learning through online courses or E-books.

3 Reasons why you should not start a blog?

No time to write – Blogging needs patience and time to put your energy in writing a piece of content that people may read or not read, if you have no time to write and busy in watching
movies or playing games then I won’t recommend starting a blog.
● Not aspiring to make passive income – If you have seen some examples above then people are making million-dollar
income and even you can, so if you are happy with current life and not willing to make extra income then I won’t recommendstarting a blog.
Not concern about identity- Blogging has the potential to recognize your skills or expertise on particular subjects to a
worldwide audience, if you are happy with your own and family friends then I won’t recommend starting a blog.

If you are admiring any of the blogging advantages, then here I am to
explain to you how to start a blog, which can turn your initial investment of time, efforts and money into million-dollar income.

Bonus Tips :

By having a blog, maybe you will win or lose but if not then you will definitely lose

Let’s move forward and jump into the send step on introducing Blogging platforms.

Get ready for Chapter 2 >>

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