How to win grand league in IPL 2020

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In today’s post I am gonna tell you guys ,how to win grand league in this IPL season. As you all know ,every fantasy player wants to win a grand league once

But,it’s very difficult to win grand league between such hard competition nowadays. So , In this post I will share my experience and will also give some very useful tips that will help you to win grand league

Much important tips while making grand league teams

Points to be noted while making teams for grand league.

1)The most important thing is to pick a right match,by picking right match ,I mean that you should have proper and appropriate knowledge about all players ,and everything regarding that match.

 2)For winning grand leagues you must have to take big risks ,without taking risks you will never win grand leagues ,I can bet on it .

 3)Now,another most important thing before making grand league teams is to do pre-match analysis.By pre-match analysis I wanna say that you must check record of the venue,players record at that venue,weather forecast,team winning records and after that remaining things are depend on luck,you can do nothing about it.

4)Now ,the last but not the least one is how to pick your captain and vice captain while making teams,So for that you have to check which player from both teams is in best form or you can take risks on those players whose recent forms aren’t very good but you know he/she is a good player and can comeback any time.

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So guys , If you don’t know how to do all:- these things or you don’t know how to make teams you can blindly join  here :  Dream 11 team group which provides you best grand league teams whose success rate is 95%(maximum benefits)

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Note:Invest very less in the first match of any tournament and never try to copy full team


So,these are some tips which can help you to win grand league.                           Good luck,Stay safe and keep winning

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