Blogging Vs YouTube Which one is best for Making money in 2020?

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Notice To Our Readers:- Please Read Full Post Carefully until you can’t understand anything each and every word of this post is important


Hello Friends Welcome to today i am going to tell or give you a brief description between blogging and YouTube also I tell you which one is better for earning or making money so let’s start

Everyone wants to make money Online but due to lack of good knowledge in online earning methods some people start doing illegal works or he thinks that online earning is fake or not effective or he starts thinking that online earning is not for him so don’t worry we teach you each and every methods of online earning and everything you can’t imagine so let’s start

What is YouTube?How to earn money from YouTube?

I am already Cover this topin in my previous articles on my second blog Please read what is YouTube and how to make money from YouTube? *important*To read What is YouTube & how to make money from YouTube Click Here to read everything about YouTube This is Very important must read😄

Now I am going to Introduce you Blogging

What is blogging?


Blogging actually means to serve your knowledge to your readers or users in written form but please note that if you want to start a new blog you need to to do a little investment but blogging can give you huge return if I say so I can experience that blogging can give me 10 times more than YouTube but blogging wants time patience some money this is one time money good knowledge in every area and some smartness as well and the most important is is to do hard work behind blogging don’t afraid by the listening name of investment I am going to tell you that you can start your blog with very little investment but note that blogging also have risk of success so let’s know what are the things that needed to do blogging

Blogging Vs YouTube which one is best for making money?

  1. Investment
  2. Working Period
  3. Earning
  4. Risk of Success

I am going to cover each topic For you

(1) Investment


first and the very important thing investment so I am going to tell you how much money does it takes to start a YouTube channel and starting a blog.

YouTube: in YouTube you don’t need any money you can start your YouTube with the help of your smartphone to start YouTube channel some all needed but at initial stage you can do it all with your smartphone so choosing a smartphone for YouTube is good choice according to me if you have already gears that are using to make videos in youtube you can use it

Blogging:- Talking about blogging it needs little investment but make sure you are serious to start a blog and do hard work and then more money compared to YouTube this is the best choice for you generally it takes 2000 to 3000 money to start a blog but by using Hostinglily hosting you can reduce this cost too much and you can also start a blog with blogger but if you want to do blogging like a business means if you want to earn money or you are making your blog to earn money.

You need healthy environment and blogger is not provide you huge features compared to WordPress WordPress provides you millions of themes plugins and everything with Hostinglily you can get hosting at 40 rs per month with unlimited bandwidth,10 CPU Cores (With AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processor ),60 GB Guaranteed RAM (In Whole Server ),Anti-Malware Protection+ Imunify 360 Antivirus this antivirus daily scan your website and kill harmful viruses from your blog or website And many more I tell you full details in next post.

Working Period

Working time or period means that how much time it takes two to earn money from your YouTube channel or your blog


there is no doubt you need to work hard on YouTube if you want to get success on YouTube but if you 1st,2nd,3rd video gets viral but it happens only in some rare cases does you need to work harder as well as smarter for minimum 6months to get success in youtube


Blogging Requires a lot of Patience as Your 1st or 2nd Article will not rank on Google or other search engines like bing, Yahoo,Yandex or duck duck Go You need to work on your blog Regularly for atleast 5to6 Months then You will be able to generate some income from your blog . Hence ,We can say that Both Youtube and Blogging Needs Patience and Hard work.



To start earning money from Youtube you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime in your channel but it is not enough to make good money in other words you won’t get a good money from 1000 subscriber and 4000hours watch time currently in India there is 0.5 to 0.8 dollar for 3000to 4000 views on your video in YouTube you can earn good income through sponsorships but make sure that you choose the right niche for money so in future you get sponsorship from various brands.

Blogging: again talking about blogging where is good revenue from ads in blogging For Example : If we Get 5000 daily Views on Youtube then Our Revenue will be around 1-1.5$ but if we get 5000 Views on Blog then Our Revenue will be around 10$ in India . Thus , We can say that Income from Adsense in Blogging is 10X More than in YouTube

4) Risk Of Success

YouTube: As We all Know , Internet is Growing Day by Day at Very High Speed in India . Therefore , Competition on YouTube as Well in Blogging is Going to Increase Certainly,According to My Experience , ‘Uniqueness in Content’ and ‘Consistency’ is the Key to Success in Youtube. Still ,There is No sureity that if You Work on a Youtube Channel for 6 Months or More then You Will get Success . You can Even Face failure .


Blogging also have Risk of success. There is no Gurantee that Your Posts will rank in Google . According to me , ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Patience’ is the key to Success in Blogging . Firstly , Gain Knowledge about Blogging then Work on it and Keep Patience and You will be Successful .But the Competition in Blogging is also Increasing very Fast . So , it is still not too late to Start Blogging .

Only We are going to start a full series on blogging for free

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